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About Guided Learning and Coaching from Tyrer Sorrel

What important information do I need to know?

How do you think I will use your Guided Learning?

Guided Learning Emails - I didn't get the email?

Guided Learning Emails - I missed a day and don't have the email. How do I catch up?

Guided Learning From Tyrer Sorrel - I need help or support?

Guided Learning From Tyrer Sorrel - I want to share the knowledge with a friend or colleague. How do I do that?

Guided Learning From Tyrer Sorrel with [Associate] - Help, support and share the knowledge. How do I do that?


About Guided Learning and Coaching from Tyrer Sorrel

Guided Learning Conversations, Subscriptions and Email Series are managed by Tyrer Sorrel.  Tyrer Sorrel has been the trading name of Mark Bryce since 2001.  Subscriptions are safe.  We hate spam as much as you do.  We do not share your details with anyone else unless we tell you on a specific programme/campaign.  For more details on security and privacy please visit http://www.tyrersorrel.co.uk/howsafe.html.


We take every care in the preparation of Connected Media (emails, briefings, information centres, news items and links).  Tyrer Sorrel and their Associates cannot be held responsible for the opinions expressed, accuracy of information within them, or any consequence arising from them.  Inclusion of products or services are not an endorsement of those products or services by Tyrer Sorrel or their Associates (unless stated).  We use material that we believe has been placed in the public domain or for use as content marketing.  Sometimes it isn't possible to identify or contact the copyright holder.  If you would like us to make the correct acknowledgement please contact us at https://hub.tsshared.com/contact.


Guided Learning and Email Coaching is part of our full learning system of Guided Learning, Live Guide, Mentorships and Tutorials. Some content we send/share with you may not be of interest straight away. Other content you will love straight off the bat.  Practical Projects, News Stories and Case Studies are included to make it more relevant and real.  They are designed to bring your learning to life. Guided Learning is about questioning content and making the task of finding useful content easier and quicker for you. Some people have told us the Guided Learning acts as a prompt to start learning everyday.  They have told us that after viewing the links they can then spend an extra 2 hours or more looking for extra content across the web.  That's great, don't stop.  Most of the time however if it takes you more than 20 minutes a day you're doing it wrong.


What important information do I need to know?

The Guided Learning is designed for use on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. This is so you can access the content anytime and anywhere.  However please be aware of the 'File Size Warnings' if you are using your mobile phone and you have a limited data plan. Please also note that when you visit a link that has log on functions you do not need to log in or register.   They are not our sites.  The web links/articles are presented for information only from across the web. We are simply saving you time searching for information. We check all links before we post them to make sure they are secure and working correctly. We only use links that show a green Norton Safe Web Rating (https://safeweb.norton.com/about) and will also often visit the site report to see reviews, location and ownership. Sometimes there may be temporary issues with a site after we have checked it.  If you do click a link and it takes you to an unexpected page, asks you for personal details or asks you to download software please do not continue with this page and report it to us.  Always practice safe web surfing (https://www.getsafeonline.org/protecting-your-computer/safe-internet-use) and ensure your security software is current and up to date.


By participating in a programme/series or making a purchase you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of Tyrer Sorrel published at http://tyrersorrel.co.uk/Webproducts/Terms.htm.  Please do not participate or purchase an item if you do not agree with these terms and conditions.


Programmes, Projects, Collections and Series are subject to change.


How do you think I will use your Guided Learning?

First we think you will grab a pen and notepad.  It's important to make written notes.  It helps you learn and remember. Grab a cup of coffee or tea at the same time if you want.


We then think you will open the email, blog post, hot topic or action pack.  If it's a series we encourage you to open the email, blog post, hot topic or action pack at the same time everyday.  This establishes a habit.  We've been told that many of you will open emails or blog posts with 3 to 7 other people. It's built for discussion in a group. Sometimes we know you will open 2 or 3 emails or blog posts in one go as you've been busy or it's been the weekend. That's not a problem.  We do the same. Just don't build up more than 3 because then you will get out of the habit. We've also been told that people often set up a folder in their email so they can save the content for the future.


When you open the email, blog post, hot topics or action packs we think you will click the links you find most interesting.  You'll have your own thoughts on what's important and then answer the questions. By answering the questions you will go a little deeper into the content and you will also start asking questions about the content yourself.  That's the secret of Guided Learning.  Guided interactions and asking questions about the content.


At this point you may also open The Journal, access the linked Group and/or Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/fullbackandfriends). Please Note: The Journal is private and really easy to use. Your information is not shared with anyone else.  It is only used by the Programme/Series Admin Team and Tyrer Sorrel to interact with your learning.  It's safe and secure.  The Journal submission form only asks you for your key contact information (so we can link it to you) and three simple questions:

Day - Input the day it relates to if applicable. For example 1,2,3 etc

Your Answers - Use this box  to record your daily answers. You can put all your answers in one box or submit multiple answers. You submit multiple answers after you have submitted the first response by following the 'Submit Another Response' link on the 'Thank You Page'.

Your Message/Questions - Use this box if you want to send us feedback or send us any questions you have on the topic. Say for example you want us to find something special on a topic then submit it via this box.  Maybe you've got a lot of questions that have come up from the article or link.  Cool, that's what we want.  Let us know in this box and we'll adapt the next emails or do something as a bonus to find an answer for you.  Maybe you loved a day and want more of the same.  Again let us know in this box.


At the end of a Guided Learning Series we will provide a link so you can see all of your entries onto The Journal.


If you're doing a stand alone '10 Hour Workbook' or 'Collected Edition' we'll have group discussions on the linked Facebook Page rather than a Journal. For 'Live Guide' and 'Group Sessions' we'll be answering questions as part of the event.


Guided Learning Emails - I didn't get the email?

The first thing to do is check your email spam folder.  Sometimes it's been delivered but placed in this folder.  Just mark it as 'Not Spam' and you will receive future emails into your inbox.  If it's not in that folder then we may have been unable to deliver it. This may be due to a typo in your contact information or because we are having technical gremlins.  If you have received an email before then please check the status of the Guided Learning Series on http://www.tyrersorrel.co.uk/guidedlearning/status-and-faqs (you are on the Status Page now).  If there are any technical issues we will post a link to the content on this page and/or provide a link on the series website within 24-48 hours.  We'll try and notify you by other methods if we have them (such as text message) and tell you how to access the links.  We'll email again as soon as the issues are fixed.


Guided Learning Emails - I missed a day and don't have the email. How do I catch up?

Visit the Campaign Archive for the series and click the 'Past Issues' link.


Guided Learning from 'Tyrer Sorrel' - I need help or support?

You can get help, support and additional coaching by simply replying to an email, adding a message to The Journal, connecting with Mark Bryce on Google+ or leaving a message on 0151 324 0153. You can also go to the programme/series website and send us a message.


Guided Learning from 'Tyrer Sorrel' - I want to share the knowledge with a friend or colleague. How do I do that?

You can forward an email to a friend using the link in the email.  You can also head on over to the programme/series website and click the share button on the sidebar of the website.  Alternatively ask them to visit http://eepurl.com/WmQ9P and sign up directly using the hashtag from the programme/series website as the subscription.


Guided Learning from 'Tyrer Sorrel with [Associate]' - Help, support and share the knowledge. How do I do that?

For all joint venture, partnership or custom programme/series we will provide specific help, support and sharing links for that programme or series.  Check the 'Important information' section of the email or visit the programme/series website for more details.



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